Portrait of a cube, Part whatever-number-I'm-on

When we reorganized the office last year, I switched floors and also cubicles. I took the opportunity to redecorate or, more accurately, refrain from putting my old decorations back up.

Instead, I opted for these two nature shots I found in a stack of old documents a while back. So now instead of a seizure-inducing array of magazine clippings, ads and trinkets adorning my walls, I have a much more austere, almost zen-like design scheme. The pictures are situated above my computer screen in my direct line of sight.

Some days, I completely forget to even look at them.

There are many exciting things happening nowadays, but they have nothing to do with my cubicle decorations, so they will have to wait.


The audacity of it all

Last week I was informed that I had been placed on a Harold team at iO. These teams are the performing units of the theater and getting picked to be on one is pretty exciting. With the sheer number of students that go through the iO Training Center, it's difficult to stand out, which makes this a real honor.

I know a couple of my teammates from previous levels and am excited to work with them again. And
I'm looking forward to getting to know the rest of the team.

The name of the team is currently 'Audacity of Hope,' which discerning readers may recognize as the title of one of Barack Obama's books. Although it's pretty cheesy, I do kind of like it. However, these assigned names are usually changed very quickly.

Reactions from my family:

Mom: So with the iO long form, will the shows be similar to what we saw with your team before? Will we ever “get it?” Love, Mom

Josh: that's great news about the herald team

It's good to keep things in perspective.


New recruits for a new year

I decided in late '07 that one of my New Year's Resolutions would be to write more. I have valiantly followed through on that resolution by not blogging since Christmas.

I am nothing if not resolute.

This writing I speak of will not always take the form of blogging, of course. With my Second City Level 5 show coming up, I will be doing some sketch and perhaps even song writing. And I'd like to continue creatively writing past that. But hopefully this will lend itself to more output on this here blog.

This promise has been made in the past. I am nothing if not mindful of history.

As for the picture, I merely wanted to show you the newest member of the cubicle army. It's Mr. T and he goes all floppy if you press the bottom of his base. It makes me laugh to make Mr. T go all floppy.

I am nothing if not a man of simple pleasures.