A chapter closes

Sooner or later, everything ends.


Set a course for adventure

Is there a recommended amount of time that you are supposed to leave an engagement announcement on your blog out of courtesy? I have not yet received my copy of Emily Post on the Internet. I'm sure we have exceeded that time, so let's move on.

One of the fun traditions at my workplace is that on someone's birthday, the rest of the team decorates their cubicle in some ridiculous theme, often pasting their face onto other people's bodies for silly picture time.

Despite the fact that it is nowhere near my birthday, I walked into my cube on Monday to see that it had been decorated in the theme of The Love Boat. My coworkers are quite fascinated with the whole going on a cruise/getting engaged combo and I guess this is their way of telling me that, though they may miss me, they're happy for me.

And also that my time on the ship may feature a series of guest stars from 70's pop culture?

For those of you who are curious, the two themes chosen on my previous birthdays here were The Office and Saturday Night Live. I guess this fulfills my life requirement for being "the funny guy in the office."

This picture might actually be my favorite, just for the pure simplicity and absurdity of it. It's my nameplate for the outside of the cubicle. Normally it would be a fairly outdated picture of me with my name, title and MST3K quote. I think I like this better.

This one is just plain creepy, although I appreciate how they were able to work Rebecca in there despite having never met her. Some sneaky people must have raided my Facebook page.

I'm excited about moving on and there are certainly a lot of things about this job that I definitely won't miss. But little things like this and the great people I've met here...I'll miss that.


Finally, news

Here we go, friends and random onlookers. Two big announcements in the world of Tim.

First and by far most importantly, Rebecca and I are engaged.

To be married! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT

On Memorial Day afternoon, I took her for a walk by Lake Michigan. It's one of our favorite places in the city to walk. We love watching the dogs at Dog Beach, the boats coming in and out of Belmont Harbor and people generally being happy. You can see the great city skyline from there too. It's quite nice, and it was pretty that day, so nice doubly so.

Anyway, romantic buildup and preamble aside, I asked, she said yes, we're happy.

No, we haven't set a date. Do people assume that I asked that question immediately after the big question? And that she had a definite answer to which I could concretely agree? Come on, people. We've barely been engaged a week. Give us some time.

Besides, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to talk about it during our big adventure.

What adventure, you ask?

Why, the one that shall take place aboard this gigantic ship, of course.

Rebecca and I have been hired by The Second City to provide onboard entertainment for the Norwegian Jade. We ship out in late July and we'll be on the ship for 4 months touring the UK and Mediterranean, entertaining Ohio tourists and Saudi oil sheiks alike.

Neither of us have ever been overseas, so we're excited to see a little bit of the world on someone else's dime and make people laugh all along the way.

I'll report more news as it comes, but just know that we're excited on all counts.