Back from the dead

Being sick sucks, you guys. I really don't recommend it. To anyone. But don't worry, everyone (read: Mom). I'm on the upswing.

You know what doesn't suck? Covering a famous Enya song. Why has no one thought of this before? It's brilliant.


Go shorty, it's your bih-day

Last week I was walking by one of Chicago's many poster walls* when I saw one that stopped me in my tracks.

Apparently, Beyonce dropped a new album on Tuesday. Please understand if this does not register as huge news in my world**.

The name of this album - "B'Day." From what I understand, the album was released on or near her birthday and so this is the intended meaning of the title.

But let's take just a second to examine what the title really reminds you of***. Especially when you say it out loud and really observe the apostrophe.




Ladies and gentlemen, we present Beyonce's brand new album - it'll shoot water up your butt.

*Literally, walls or sides of buildings (aka walls) covered in promotional posters for movies, music and the newest energy drink guaranteed to make your heart explode.

**What IS huge news - Suri, the Asian toupeed baby.

***Okay, maybe it's only me. But I find it hilarious, which is good enough for me.


A disturbing revelation

Today I enjoyed lunch at P.F. Chang's with some co-workers.

I plan on having dinnner tonight at The Cheesecake Factory with my girlfriend.

In other news, I have apparently moved to the suburbs.