If you were curious about how nerdy our apartment is, it's this nerdy.

That's my roommate Scott Brady with his Batman blanket. Also, one of our first interactions when he moved in was when I helped him
intricately pose his action figures.

Jon, who is behind the camera, listens to Battlestar Galactica podcasts.

Tara could not be more sad about this, I'm sure.

Coming soon: News. For real.


Signs, man. Signs.

I visited my brother in Princeton over the weekend. Before I could even make it into the chapel where he was running his Trivia Night, I paused in the parking lot to notice these two neighboring signs.

And I remained paused for 10 minutes in existential crisis.

These signs have got to get their act together and figure out what they want out of life.


Beamz! It's with a z, people. Get with it.

Just when you thought your complete lack of rhythm meant you could never be a musician...

Just when you thought everything involving lasers was awesome...

Just when you thought Sharper Image products had reached a pinnacle of absurdity...

Comes the Beamz Music System!

Never have white dudes been whiter. Never have wannabe rockstars looked so nerdy. Never has there been such a dated and overused pop culture reference attached with so little sense*.

The Beamz Music System - $600 to look like a complete moron for the hour you actually play with it.

* At 2:48 in the video.


A tenacious D

I have a love/hate relationship with my handwriting. Sometimes I think it's pretty cool, sometimes it's horribly embarrassing. Mostly it just seems superfluous. I do most of my writing with a keyboard, so what does it matter what illegible symbols my hand scratches out?

But there are some forms at work that I still fill out by hand. These are forms I created myself for my own purposes, so maybe there is a part of my brain that still enjoys using a good pen every once in a while.

Anyway, this is all just preamble to my main point.

Look at that D.

That is a freaking sweet D.

I wasn't even trying to make it so awesome. I was just writing and then that happened.


(This is the kind of hard-hitting stuff you guys come here for, right?)



Spring has finally arrived in Chicago. And not a moment too soon.

It's very pretty.

Coming soon to this blog: actual news about my life?


Please start getting excited!!

Of course, for every long-standing store that closes, there's a young upstart store ready to make a name for itself.

I took this picture about a week ago. It was on the door of a storefront around Clark and School. I pass it, but only on Wednesdays when coming home from the comic book store. I enjoyed how optimistic the sign was and how politely self-promoting it was as well. It kindly requests that you please start getting excited.

I went in there yesterday, expecting an independent Gamestop-type store where you could trade in your PS2 copy of Madden 2005 for some newer version of Madden.

But this dude is serious.

Sure, there's the requisite amount of modern games for sale. But there's also a mind-boggling amount of classic games and consoles. Would you like a wide variety of NES cartridges? How about a Virtual Boy in its original packaging? How about King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella for AMIGA?! WOULD YOU LIKE TO BUY AN INTELLIVISION?! A FREAKING INTELLIVISION?!

It is for real impressive.

I give it a couple months.