Not All Who Wander Ever Post

So clearly I don't post on this thing anymore. Maybe someday I will again, but for now it exists solely as a record of a few magical years.

You can find me on the Internet still, just at other places. Such as:


See you 'round, Internets.


Future kids only

Warning: Reverse Gravity Playground ahead!


And a happy new year...in jail!

I'm glad Old Man Potter was able to make it to the inauguration.

It's a new day, America! Let's do it!


Like most bands, they got preachy toward the end

Experiment: I couldn't decide what music I wanted to listen to today, so I put iTunes on an entire library shuffle. This is pretty rare for me, as I normally consider myself a "whole album" kind of guy.

Conclusion: I remember the lyrics to a surprising amount of Goldfinger songs.

Further Questioning: Why do I have so many Goldfinger songs on my computer?