It sounds like Brave Saint Saturn

It's possible that working in an office for a year has caused me to devolve to the point where funny pictures of cats with captions are now hilarious to me. If that is the case, I apologize.

But I don't think Myrtle in the next cube over would find Astro Cat on a Moog quite as funny as I do. And that makes me feel pretty okay about it.

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? - Making captioned pictures of adorable animals safe again. For all of us.


It's not delivery, it's cumbersome

So Tara, my roommate and bane of my existence, does this promotion for DiGiorno's last weekend. Apparently, she was paid in free samples. This is our freezer now.

Thanks for making me move a bunch of stuff around to get to my Hot Pockets, td. Geez.

P.S. Can I have one? Or are they all for Braders*?

*Our other roommate who makes an oven pizza pretty much every night. He probably wet himself when he opened the freezer door and saw that. Right, Braders? Come on.


Newbies no more

ComedySportz held auditions this week for new ensemble members. That means it's been almost a year since I was hired. Crazy times. It's weird thinking about my class not being "the newbies" anymore.

It's been a heck of a year for CSz. We moved out of one space, watched it get torn down and then watched absolutely nothing get built there. (The lot is still rubble. Thanks for making us move out, jerks.) Since then, we've kind of been nomads, and by nomads I mean that we've been in two different spaces.

We're still building our new space on Belmont. We've had some setbacks, but it'll be worth it in the end. Like a lot of things this year, I guess. Just hard to look at the bigger picture sometimes.

Whatever, it's been a pretty amazing year. I got to play at both IIT and a Jewish day school. I played for my parents a few (dozen) times and a lot of extended family as well. Plus, I got to know a lot of cool people, especially my fellow newbies.

Let's keep that e-mail chain going, Class of '06! We needs to plan our hazin'!

Wasn't there already a bad movie with the same title?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: New Zealand cinema.

Zombie sheep. Brilliant. We can only hope it somehow makes its way to our shores.

Sidenote: Isn't this a strange production for Mel Gibson's Icon Productions studio? Although it's entirely possible that the zombie sheep are also anti-Semitic. The trailer left it open to interpretation.

P.S. Don't silly movie trailers tell you so much about me and what's going on in my life? Give me a break, at least I'm posting.


Is this dumb? It's probably dumb.

More on the Des Moines adventure in a minute. But first this.

Why do series finales of TV shows make me so sad? Is it, I don't know, the finality of it all? Saying goodbye forever to characters I've grown fond of? Or are the chemicals in my brain so easily manipulated that a well-constructed montage set to a great closing song can just make me feel things.

Well, whatever it is, it happened this week when I watched the series finale of The O.C. Yes, I watch The O.C. I got on board at the very beginning and never jumped off, even when parts of it got pretty stupid.

It's sad that it's ending and that it went out on a shortened season. But at least they got to have a proper sendoff and wrap everything up nicely. Look, everyone is happy! And the series is bookended! What could be better?

Gah. I feel so girly. Stupid, easily manipulated emotions.

Farewell, Seth Cohen. What network TV character will people compare me to now?


I guess it was kind of pretty. That was nice.

A lovely weekend in Des Moines. Thanks, winter. You're good times all around.

I had to push the Stallion out of this parking space, by the way. Yep, I'm pretty manly.