Friday in the park with Niki (and Rebecca)

Lest the dear reader think that I am insinuating that nothing exciting is happening in MY life, allow me to direct the dear reader to think again.

On a recent (read: almost a month ago) Friday, Rebecca and I ventured outside our comfortable neighborhood to experience some culture.

It should be noted at this point that our preferred form of culture is giant skull sculptures.
These are the sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalle, on display at the Garfield Park Conservatory. They are fun and colorful and some of them are climbable.

This picture is humourous because it appears that I am riding the giant seal backwards.

The sculptures are placed all throughout the gardens, both inside and out. Some are just for looking, but some are also for climbing and sitting. Most of them are for fun picture taking, as Rebecca and I discovered. These are but a small sample.

This picture is humourous because I was directed to make the flower look like it was Rebecca's thought.

It was a beautiful day and much fun was had. It's there through the end of October and is highly recommended for any visitors to our fair city.

This picture is humourous because we are in the belly of a giant cat and yet are not being digested.


More exciting things about my brother's life

I hope I'm not breaking some sort of press embargo with these pictures, but I had them and thought they were worth sharing.

This is Cocoa. She is a good puppy. She regrettably does not belong to me but instead to Josh and Allyn, who I suppose are more suited at this point for dog ownership anyway.

Cocoa enjoys other dogs, chewing on PS2 cables and not responding to her name. She is learning how to bark.

Cocoa is an excellent poser. And by that I mean she stands still for pictures, not that she pretends to enjoy punk music.


They are some seriously yellow walls

I visited my brother and his wife over Labor Day weekend to see their new house, new workplace and new puppy*. My dad reminded me that I should take this picture to complete the series (of two.)

Josh: You're still an idiot.

Well, that may be, but I'm an idiot who's about to plug the relaunching of your blog, so be cool.

That's right, computers. Josh's blog, Life in the Lane, long thought dead, is alive again. Does this make it a zombie blog? Should you immediately get up the stairs, then destroy the stairs**? You can decide.

I believe it will be an insightful look into the world of a youth pastor as he tries to make his way in the world and teach his dog to recognize her name***.

*She deserves her own post, which is coming soon.
**#6 of the Top 10 rules contained within the Zombie Survival Guide. I have been made fun of for taking this book so seriously. We'll see who's laughing when you all get infected.
***Project status: ambivalent.


Can't think of a thing

One of the perks of the job I hold currently is the occasional fun team outing. Our clients were in town this week and we had a grand time watching the Cubs game from a nearby rooftop.

A great view, no rain and a come-from-behind Dodgers win. What more could you ask for?