In a strange coincidence, a few days after I posted about my friend going to see Biff do stand-up comedy, Rance posted this video of him singing a song. It's pretty funny, so maybe my friend really did miss out.

It's also the catchiest song ever. If you don't want it rattling around your head for days, I recommend not listening more than once.


I guess this is what counts as fall in the big city. At least they're acknowledging that it's harvest time somewhere in the crazy world outside the city limits.

It makes me kind of sad to think about the workers who had to walk up and down the street decorating street lamps. I bet they hate corn now.


Those of you who are the least bit observant have probably noticed that I've been trying something a little different with the blog this week.

Actually posting, for one. That's new.

But the format has changed a little bit. I've been inspired by the discovery of a couple great blogs from fellow Chicago improvisers Arnie and Sarah. Arnie's previous blog, A Year Following the Breakup, was particularly moving. Obviously, nothing that traumatic has happened to me, but I still like the format. So I'm going to completely steal it. At least for a little while. I'll see how I like it.

Hey, at least it's got me posting regularly again. That's something.


Today marked the one-year anniversary of my move to Chicago. It's kind of crazy that it's been a year already, but I guess a lot has happened.

The other day I was walking to work and some guy rolled down his car window and yelled, "Hey buddy! Is Lincoln that way?" and pointed westerly.

I answered, without a moment's hesitation,"Yeah."

I guess I can call myself a local.


Marvin: Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they ask me to take you to the bridge. Call that job satisfaction, 'cause I don't.


Thank goodness.

Lately, JUSTICE has been entirely too bland for my tastes.


Hello McFly

One of my Second City classmates went to Zanies this weekend to see Thomas F. Wilson, aka Biff from Back to the Future, perform stand-up.

Due to a scheduling mixup, he saw Mort Sahl, a living comedic legend and contemporary to Lenny Bruce.

He was pretty pissed about not seeing Biff.

I would have been too.